Discovery Icewine Tour

“Signature Experience Collection”™

This one of a kind outdoor tour unveils the mysteries of one of Canada’s most precious and highly sought after luxury wines–Icewine. Experience what makes this wine so unique and the challenges in making it as well as the story of our founders’ history and their contribution to the Canadian wine industry including Icewine.  We’ll guide you on a journey from the vineyard, through the winemaking process and best of all-- how to enjoy it!

The tour starts amongst the vines where you will learn about the extreme winter conditions of minus 8 Celsius needed to harvest the naturally frozen grapes and continues to discuss how the wine is pressed and made.  Following the vineyard tour, guests will experience a comparative Icewine tasting designed for the true Icewine enthusiast. Discover the difference a glass can make with a tasting using our Riedel Vinum Extreme Icewine Glass. The tasting will conclude with unusual food pairings showing Icewine’s versatility, featuring blue cheese, dark chocolate and dried apricots.


Weather permitting, please dress appropriately for walking in the vineyard and changeable weather conditions.


Tours are done for the season, please check back for our 2014 Tour schedule.




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